What is a soul's journey?
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What is a soul's journey?

D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
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A soul's journey is about a quest for a deeper meaning, purpose and intimacy in our lives. It can take on various forms in different times in our lives including counselling, attending a thought provoking seminar or being inspired by a speaker. Regardless of the form, I believe each of us is here living on earth for one important purpose; to learn how to fully love both ourselves and others. Along the way of living, we are both offered and bump up against many of life's challenges, lessons and teachers. Some come in clear, organized packages others are more chaotic and disruptive. In order to fully embrace our lives with passion and integrity, it is important to let go of the burdens we carry around from old hurts, disappointments, losses, anger, and shame that have kept us stuck and living in old survival patterns. In order to have survived, we often made costly compromises and emotional pacts with ourselves and others where a part of us believes that somehow we are responsible, inadequate, unlovable or not good enough that keeps us a prisoner of possibility. By lightening our load, it becomes possible to love more and live life more fully.