Transformational Dancing

Transformational Dancing

A powerful guided journey that moves our energy, frees old patterns & lightens the load we carry. The process invites you to become fully embodied through movement, breath and dance & brings you back home to self. Using inspirational music, there are four distinct phases; 1) The body as liquid ease, 2) Opening into flow, 3) Playing with contraction and expansion, 4) Soaring in new ways.

Different themes are explored each time:

  • Birthing new parts of ourselves
  • Welcoming more play & joy into our lives
  • Exploring new boundaries
  • Freeing old patterns and lightening the load
  • Dancing like it’s your last day here on earth
  • Dancing on the ecstatic edge
  • Tapping into abundance & our deepest desires
  • Embracing the masculine & feminine within
  • Releasing & transforming the fears that bind you
  • Finding our flow
  • Working with the elements of earth, water, air, fire, ether,
  • Embracing Darkness & Light
  • Dancing through uncertain times
  • Letting your intuition & creativity guide
  • Embodying passion
  • Accessing our sensual playful self

I have been to several of D’Arcy’s workshops and transformational dancing over the years. She has an incredible way of teaching what she knows in an easy non-judgemental way of synthesizing important material into clear organized teachings. She walks her talk. I always come away feeling something deep inside of me has changed for the better.



D’Arcy has an exquisite and seamless way of holding sacred space. Her voice invites my body to find it’s inner freedom to music that moves me. I always find a new part of myself to integrate.
Devorah Steinberg
Masters in social work


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