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Nourishing the Soul Series

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Creating the life you want

A Quest for Vision; Releasing the old and bringing in the New
A workshop for anyone in transition or searching for something more. A process designed to gently reflect on what you no longer need or want and how to put in motion what you are ready to bring forward in your life. An opportunity to go inward and tap an inner well of resources and creativity to discover what you are looking for. A multi-dimensional approach using art, collage, breath, meditation, sound, movement as self-expression tools to explore.

Creating your Dreams into Manifestation
Once the vision has been created then we design the process to manifest it into your life and work with the self-saboteur & obstacles that get in your way.

Enhancing & Deepening your life

Creating an Inner Balance in your life
A workshop to pause and get off the “treadmill of life” to refuel and reconnect with the deepest part of self and the Wisdom within. Giving yourself the gift of self-nurturance to listen to what is needed to reclaim balance.

Connecting the Chakra system with our emotional body
Learn and work with the emotional issues connected and stored in your body through the ancient wisdom of the chakra system. Listening to the Wisdom of our Bodies.

Embodying your Sacred Self; A Day of Energetic Transformation
Working with the energies and vibrations to increase your frequency into expansiveness and lightness of being. Brings in meditation, movement, Healing bowls & journaling.

The Sacred Journey Home; Embracing Life, Death & Releasing Fears
A life changing workshop that releases the fears that bind you from living the most expansive, exquisite, heartfelt & meaningful life possible here on earth. It activates our life force and creates conscious awakening.

Birthing our Passion & Spontaneity for Life
A healing retreat to play, create, express and relate to self and others. Exploring what holds you back from being fully passionate, loving and spontaneous in your life.

You don’t find your worth in another person, you find your worth within yourself and then find a person who is worthy of you.

Developing Healthy Relationships & Communication

Creating an Inner space to meet your life Partner
A workshop to empower men and women to look at their attachment style and define what you really want and need in a relationship to be fully loved. An opportunity to explore and clear old myths, beliefs and messages that have gotten in the way of fully receiving and giving love and intimacy.

A Couples journey towards Intimacy, Connection & Passion
Using a Tantric perspective to help empower couples to define what they need and want to be fully loved. Explore the key ingredients that create a successful relationship. Identify the different stages of your relationship and zero in on the most common areas of conflict and how to work with them.

The Art of Spiritual Parenting
Our children are our best teachers and our biggest challenges that help us grow as we parent. This workshop helps to work with the different themes we bump up against as a parent and how to work with them.

Boundaries & Barriers for effective communication
Exploring a healthy model to address our emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries and how they affect our communication and relationships.

Tantric Teachings & Classes:

Tan means expansion & Tra means liberation. Focus is on building an intimate and sacred connection with our energy & life force. Tantra teaches how to harmonize our energies and breath to merge individual consciousness with infinite consciousness.

  • Tantric intimacy with yourself and a partner
  • Using & Embracing breath as an inner lover
  • Creating more pleasure & passion in your life
  • Integrating the polarities of masculine & feminine energies
  • Working with energy & breath to build edge and containment
  • Embracing your sensual self
  • Integrating the male & female energies within
  • Art of surrender
  • Sex & Spirituality and the energetic connection between them

Keynote Talks

  • The Art of thriving: Moving beyond Stress and Duress
  • Creating Meaning & Purpose in our daily lives; the 10 gifts life has to offer & the lessons it has to teach us
  • Cancer as a spiritual journey: The crazy gifts & challenges it offers
  • Finding Work life Balance
  • The Healing Journey: What it takes
  • Befriending your Inner critic
  • Listening to the Wisdom of your Body
  • Living Spiritually in our day-to-day world
  • The Body tells our story working with anger, depression & anxiety
  • Deepening Meaning & Purpose in our daily lives
  • Moving through difficulty times & finding inner resilience
  • Building Intimacy in our relationships

Sacred Wisdom Circles

Are evening gatherings that offer an experiential teaching on a variety of different topics with movement, meditation, healing bowls and sacred sharing and connections.

Customized Workshops for Businesses

Team building

Effective Communication Skills

Conflict management

Work/Life balance


D’Arcy came to our workplace to lead a team building workshop. She has this way about her that quickly made us all feel safe to share that what is working and not working in our team. Together we explored how to address the issues that were not spoken and were causing us to fragment as a team. She did this in a very attuned clear way that put us all at ease and made us become a stronger team.
D’Arcy has a magnificent way of holding a group and leading us through a transformational journey of healing. She has a gift and it’s an honour to be in her presence as she skillfully and gently guides and supports all of us to transform and heal that which is no longer needed.

We come equipped with everything we need to experience a powerful life full of joy, incredible passion and profound peace. The difficult part is giving ourselves the permission to live it.

Deborah Rosado Shaw


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