Body Healing

Body Healing Treatments

We are all a little broken from life’s experience that is the place where light can come in.

Offer a “hands on approach” to releasing emotional blockages that are stuck in the body. Sometimes we are aware of the blockages and other times they mask themselves in body pain.

Huna-Kane meaning “an inner knowing” that offers a mapping of the body where emotional holding is held and stored. When we release the blockages emotions that are trapped let go and restore a sense of well-being and balance. The body is wise and protects us but often doesn’t know that the threat of holding is no longer needed or required. Treatments are done with clothing on. Trained in Thai and Hawaiian massage.

Healing Bowls

Each crystal bowl corresponds to the 7 chakra systems in our body and resonates at a different sound frequency that helps the body vibrate and heal naturally and easily. This is a very loving way to restore balance.

Healing bowl Video


It only took a minute for my life to turn upside down. Tragedy struck our school, and quickly not only did I need to care for family, students and staff, I needed to take care of myself. This led me to D’Arcy. I quickly realized I was with the right person as I needed someone who understood me and my needs. She held space for me each visit to unwind and unpack the trauma that I had been through and took the time to listen carefully and decide a plan for our sessions. Together we were able to find ways to calm down my nervous system with EMDR and settle my soul with Tibetan bowls. Through some bodywork we were able to release the trauma. I am so happy that I have made great strides moving forward with D’Arcy in full partnership.

Some of the strongest hearts I know have the most scars.



D’Arcy is an incredible healer. I suffered from anxiety, depression and cancer. She was able to zero in and work with my body to help me uncover the layers of pain and worry that held me and my body hostage for way too long. I am grateful to her skills and ability to show me a way through and lighten my load.
I have been under D’Arcy guidance and care for the past 16 months. I came to her disconnected, frozen and veiled with fear from my deepest self. I felt immediately safe which allowed me to explore every part of myself and unfreeze my body’s pain and fear I carried. D’Arcy is a healer in the truest sense of the word.
Robert Loewen
Owner of Stillpoint Myofacial Release


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