Modalities & approaches

Soulful Counselling

Soulful counselling is a heartfelt approach to exploring life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective. Emphasis is on discovering a life path full of meaning, purpose and connection. Focus is on uncovering life’s teachings and lessons and how to best work with these understandings in our own lives to become fully empowered. Together we honour and celebrate the spiritual journey that connects us to our humanity.

Body Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic analysis is based on the belief that our bodies hold our story and without the body’s knowledge, the mind can understand, but can not fully release and heal what is needed to move forward. Events that happened to us as a child greatly affect our self perceptions and behaviours as we learn to develop defenses both in mind and in the body to shield us from our pain and disappointment. These defenses anchored in our bodies can be seen in our muscular holding patterns which can hinder breathing, self expression and energy levels in our life. This powerful analytical psychotherapy created by Dr. Alexander Lowen helps us to look at our body’s structure, movement and breathing patterns and offers ways to release deep pain and emotions that are not longer needed to free up the body and create new possibilities in our lives. D’Arcy is internationally trained and certified as a bioenergetic therapist. For further information visit:


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a powerful method of psychotherapy to work through unresolved emotional issues that get stuck in a feedback loop of limited thinking and beliefs. The primary assumption behind EMDR is the brain has the capacity to process and resolve upsetting material. When trauma occurs the nervous system becomes overloaded and perceptions, feelings and thoughts are locked into the nervous system becoming frozen in time. This gentle technique helps to assist the brain to process old experiences and memories and make sense of them in a new way. It is beneficial when dealing with traumas that have occurred to re-integrate fragmented parts of self that were lost and give back a sense of control. Helpful with disturbing memories, accidents, sexual assaults, negative impacting experiences, and generalized traumas. D’Arcy is certified in EMDR therapy. For further information visit: article in The New York Times entitled Expert Answers on E.M.D.R. or

EFT Tapping Process

Emotional Freedom Technique combines an active visualization and a series of tapping on different meridian points in your body that help to calm down signals to the amygdala in the brain. It reduces and releases stress, worry and anger and calms the nervous system. It helps tap into older patterns that keep us stuck and free them.


Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness that occurs normally in every person just before we enter into a sleep state. Heart centered hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to relax and access the subconscious mind where old pacts, unwanted beliefs, and emotions are stored. It is helpful to release the negative feedback loop and uncover the source of many phobias, anxiety, illness, self esteem trauma and pain. D’Arcy is certified in Heart centered hypnotherapy. For further information visit:

Psychodrama and Gestalt

Psychodrama and Gestalt are two interactive action methods that help clients enact the relevant issues, events and relationship dynamics in their lives rather than simply talking about it. It provides a process to communicate and dialogue with the different parts of ourselves like the critic, victim, wounded one, controller and the part that desires and fears change. It offers a creative way to move beyond old scripts, pacts and beliefs to bring greater awareness, compassion, interaction and integration with the separate parts of our self.

Dreams and Expressive Arts Therapy

Dreams and art are creative and expressive ways of uncovering and exploring unconscious material that has not yet entered our everyday lives. It helps to tap into our imagination, creativity and intuition in a playful way.

Meditation, relaxation and visualization

Important tools and skills to help decrease stress in our lives. Helps with sleep issues, staying present and mindful, preparing for and recovering after surgery and overall balance in life.


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