Nourishing the soul series
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Nourishing the Soul Series

Enhancing your life

Envisioning a dream for your life

Deepening meaning and
purpose in your life

Relationship and communication

D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
Email: info@souls-journey.com www.souls-journey.com Phone: 204-475-5339 | Fax: 204-475-1604

A couple's journey toward intimacy: making a good relationship even better: A workshop to empower couples to define what you really need and want to be truly loved. Discover the key ingredients that create and make a successful relationship work. Identify the different stages of your relationship and explore the most common areas of conflict and how to begin to work with them. An opportunity to explore old myths, fears and beliefs that have gotten in the way of giving and receiving love.

Creating an inner space to meet your life partner: A process to empower both men and women to define what you really want and need to be fully loved. An opportunity to explore and clear old myths, beliefs and messages that have gotten in the way of fully receiving and giving love and intimacy in the past.

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say: A workshop on effective communication and assertiveness skills using a mind-body approach to communicating fully. Excellent for anyone who wants to learn more tools to help them connect with themselves and others.

Boundaries and barriers: do I have to give up me to be loved by you? A healthy exploration of our emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries and ways to communicate them effectively through our bodies and with voice. In order to rediscover our inner self, we must be prepared to take risks to reveal our walls and take ownership of our feelings. This is an experiential workshop to help us gently bump up against our walls and defenses and begin building bridges.