Nourishing the soul series
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Nourishing the Soul Series

Enhancing your life

Envisioning a dream for your life

Deepening meaning and
purpose in your life

Relationship and communication

D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
Email: info@souls-journey.com www.souls-journey.com Phone: 204-475-5339 | Fax: 204-475-1604

Capturing meaning and purpose in our daily lives: We are all given a life and offered many challenges, teachers, and lessons along the way. What we do with them is up to us. Everything that happens is an opportunity for us to grow and learn if we so choose to take it. This workshop focuses on the 10 gifts life has to offer and the lessons it has to teach us by slowing life down enough to begin embracing a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives.

Following your intuition…awakening an inner wisdom: An opportunity to go inward and tap our inner wisdom, creativity and follow our intuition to discover what you are needing to feel more whole and complete inside ourselves. An interactive and inspiring workshop!

Meditation and movement: An experiential workshop that teaches different types of meditation and tools to let go of stress through the body.

Trust, believe and follow: A nurturing time to retreat and explore the themes of learning to fully trust ourselves, others and the universe to discover the faith and wisdom needed to create new dreams and desires. Experiential movement, meditation, and creativity are accessed to bring forward the wisdom and intuition needed to practice the fine art of surrendering.