Nourishing the soul series
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Nourishing the Soul Series

Enhancing your life

Envisioning a dream for your life

Deepening meaning and
purpose in your life

Relationship and communication

D'Arcy Bruning-Haid - Therapist, Facilitator and Speaker - Masters in Counselling Psychology
Email: info@souls-journey.com www.souls-journey.com Phone: 204-475-5339 | Fax: 204-475-1604

A quest for vision in your life: Excellent for anyone in transition or searching for something more. An opportunity to go inward and tap into an inner well and resource of creativity and answers to discover what you are looking for. A multi-dimensional approach will be used incorporating breath, movement, Jungian sandplay work and art as a creative expression and tool. Emphasis is on play and fun.

Releasing the old and bringing in the new: A process designed to gently reflect on what you no longer need and want and how to put in motion what you are ready to bring forward into your life. Focus is on creating new intentions and possibilities…